This solution uses Windows Azure Drive technology to store WordPress files. All wordpress files, includes media elements, are stored in VHD file that in Windows Azure Storage Page Blob.

The first time the aplication is deployed to Windows Azure creates the VHD file. If yoy prefer you can create it before deploy; How to create VHD


To allow multiple WordPress instances that can be modified VHD content, the solution includes worker role that mounts VHD and share it.

All WordPress instances use network share that exposes worker role.




To deploy solution using Windows Azure Drive configuration files must be modified to personalize deployment:


      <Setting name="DataConnectionString" value="Connection String to Windows Azure Storage" />

      <Setting name="driveSize" value="Drive VHD Size. VHD must be more than 20 Mb" />

      <Setting name="AcceleratorConnectionString" value="Connection String to Windows Azure Storage where Drive VHD is located" />

      <Setting name="driveContainer" value="Blob Container name where Drive VHD is located" />

      <Setting name="ImageStoreBlobUri" value="container/filename.vhd" />


<LocalStorage name="AzureDriveCache" cleanOnRoleRecycle="false" sizeInMB="Drive VHD Size. VHD must be more than 20 Mb" />

In wp-config.php file DDBB connection must be configured:

define('DB_NAME', 'SQLAzureDDBBName');

define('DB_USER', 'user@servername);

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'Password');

define('DB_HOST', '');

Once time WordPress is running you have to configure Media Library.

You have to access to WordPress Dashboard  and go to “Settings” section.  Enter in “Media” option and then change the “Store uploads in this folder” to Azure Drive shared folder, “X:\”.

Then complete “Full URL path to files” with the url of your Media Handler:”. Note that in Staging you’ll have different url.


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